Raising Differently Wired Kids

The woods.

That is where we have been going lately. That is where we have been refueling our tank. That is where we have been letting our children… be children.

This particular school year has been a little rough for our son. It became evident there was something a miss this year. We hired a tutor. We have tried to clean up our food and send the kiddos with clean ingredients for their school lunches. We are currently waiting on school testing to detect any learning disabilities, but to say it has been a challenging year would be an understatement. Watching your children struggle is by far the hardest thing I have learned and experienced about being a parent thus far. I realize I am just at the beginning of this parenting thing and still have many more challenging years to go, but man can it be hard some days.

So we have adopted the philosophy ‘work hard, play hard’. Playing hard looks like going outside, no matter the temperatures. It looks like bundling up and packing the car down with extra clothes, snacks, drinks, and so much supplies required for just a couple hours of outdoor time- but it is so worth it.

I have learned a lot on these adventures about my little humans. For one, my children are both different and so are their daddy and me. My son (and I) like to keep going through the trails. We get excited to see what is around the next bend.

We become renewed in movement. Our daughter and her daddy like to take it slow. They like to throw rocks. They like to collect different types of acorns and sit on a log listening to a woodpecker.

Two different paces. Two different ways of restoring, but I am so glad we are able to accomplish them together.

I can feel the calmness after our journeys. There is peace, there has been energy used up, and there is hope.

My humans were wonderfully made just the way they are. They might be wired differently that doesn’t necessarily line up with the approach of general public school education practices, but that doesn’t mean that they are not smart, capable, or able to blossom in this life.

I am learning to be still in the knowing that this too shall pass. That we will figure this hard season out, together. Until then, we will continue to go on these adventures taking these kiddos to the outdoors to explore.

Until next time,

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