A Worksheet To Discover Just What It Is You Want To Do ‘When You Grow Up’

Good Evening Friends,

Recently I have been doing some soul searching when it comes to figuring out just what it is I want to do with my life and what I want to be when I grow up. Maybe at thirty three I am a little late to the party, or maybe really as long as you are breathing is there ever a too late?

I have always struggled with ‘the how’ and the exact job title or field that is where I am supposed to go. I know what my talents are. I know what it is I would love to get paid doing, but there really wasn’t a position at the job fair in high school that came even slightly close to what it is I thought I wanted to do.

I came across Ken Coleman’s show recently, a show solely designated to help folks find their purpose and then their dream job. He provides this worksheet on his website that I downloaded. It breaks down your talents (what you are really good at and comes easy to you),

your passions (what you could loose track of time doing),

and identifying your mission (just why you are here on this earth).

Working through the sheets provides you with a statement that better leads you on the path of where to start.

This is what I came up with today.

I want to use my top talents writing, empathy, simplifying, inspiring efficiency and wholesome order and my top passions of creating, giving, pursuing a healthy-full-but simple life to create content (post, blogs, videos, books) to help women (mommas especially) create a life filled with only the stuff that matters (belonging, relationships, beliefs, habits) and to inspire THEM to address/challenge the stuff that doesn’t (addictions, values, vices, collecting thing not memories, poor health choices, limitations).

Find this worksheet below:

Career Clarity Guide | Ken Coleman

This is the first step. Getting clear on just what it is you want to do. Stay Tuned for the next step as we navigate it together.

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