12 Things I Have Learned Inside 12 Months of Covid/Quarantine/Remote Work

I hope this finds you happy and healthy. I was looking at the calendar today and noticed it has been almost a year that I have been working full time from home. It seems like just yesterday we were sent home and yet that also feels like a lifetime ago.

I thought I’d share 12 things I have learned inside Covid/Quarantine in the last 12 months.

Number 12 is my favorite.

On The Days My Heart is Weary and Wanders

Happy New Year Friends. I hope 2021 is a great year for your family. It seems I deactivated Facebook just in time and took a social media break at a great time to put myself in a solid time out. The truth is that being an empath is hard and currently the state of the…

A Reminder From Me, For What It’s Worth

To put this out there and hit publish is a different story because I know that what I might share below might cause some people to no longer read this blog, follow me in real life, or think I’m some sort of Pollyanna-racist- bigot- and honestly that’s going to have to be okay. Because what I want to share is a reminder…

Simple Fall Reminders

Fall reminds me that we too can change. We too can shed some of our layers and become renewed

What I Have Learned After 3 Months Sober

For several years I tried to find some sort of balance. ‘I will only buy one booze purchase a month and when it’s gone it’s gone’. ‘I won’t have any booze in the house and will only have some if we go out to eat, a wedding, or ____ insert whatever that was apparently not my house’. The rules I tried to put in place to feel better about my choices didn’t really help.

DIY Healthy Recipes Spark Joy

Making healthy (gluten free, non- dairy, and low alternative sugar or no sugar)is one of the things that feeds my soul. I stay in my lane though…

Staying the Course- Even When There are Snakes.

Good Morning Beautiful People, It’s the last day of September. I am so grateful to live in a part of the country that truly gets to experience all the wonderfulness that is October. The change in temperatures, the color of the beautiful leaves, and all the pumpkin spice one basic bitch can handle (or cold…

Walking Meditations

Good Morning Beautiful People. I know many of us have heard the benefits of meditation. For many years I put it off. I didn’t think that could be something I ever enjoyed- all that quiet and sitting still. Fast forward to today- it’s still not my favorite thing. However, a therapist once told me about…