5 Things Helping Me Find Calm in the Chaos

Hello Lovely- Beautiful People,

I hope these words find you well, happy, and enjoying this beautiful day.  In just a weeks time our littles will be back at school after the longest Spring Break in history.


It’s very bittersweet. I have so enjoyed all this extra time with them. I have learned so much about them, myself, my marriage, my priorities, and most of all how to hold onto and search for peace in a chaotic world.

This school year is going to look like no other before.  There will be changes.  There might be closings and periods of remote learning (although I hope they are few and far between). There will be unknowns, inconstancies, and waves of overwhelm with the new ‘normal’.  I know this.  I am preparing myself for this.  However, maybe you are like me and your engine runs a little ‘high’ shall we say to put it nicely.  You more than anyone feel the need for control or some sort of resemblance of balance.

Unfortunately this season is also here teaching us that we can go on without these things because really, we have no choice.  I will say however, I have been trying my very hardest to focus on the things I can control and letting go of what I can’t.

I have put together a list that is helping me reach for the calm inside the chaos and I thought I’d share. Take what you need and do whatever feels right to you. The bottom line is do what you can with what you can right now.

  1. Meal Prepping:  I have been making meals and prepping healthy snacks like it’s my job because right now to some degree- it is. 118143600_2362163714089989_1848805971223973864_nI know this can be very overwhelming especially if you feel you already are maxed out how are you going to find time to tackle a DIY clean, organic, non GMO, Whole 30 Approved, and blah nutritious blah item for you and or your family.  What I would challenge to you is that you try just one new recipe a week.  When you are sure it is full family approved, the next time you make it double the recipe and freeze the leftovers.  Now if you started making all your meals like that doubling the recipes and freezing the leftovers imagine what your freezer would look like in a mere matter of weeks.  This also helps for the evenings of full fatigue where you couldn’t possibly think about cooking a meal from scratch for your family let alone entering the kitchen with any sort of calm in your bones.    I do a lot of meal prep on the weekends.  I try to make it as enjoyable as possible with having a diffuser of my favorite blend (wild orange and spearmint) and Pandora in the background stopping every once in a while for a sip of heaven (coffee with a splash of caramel Nutpod).118226912_229655891670885_7118329338072887428_n
  2.  Keeping a ‘Somewhat’ Clean Home: Before you stab me in the eye with a dirt fork you have left over from making homemade granola bars because you just got done trying to do the first assignment now I’m being the asshole that says ‘now just go clean’… hear me out.   Do you have 10 minutes a day you could use to clean?  If your answer is no, I would ask you to really question where you could squeeze it in.  Maybe it means giving up scanning your phone for a hot minute, 10 minutes less of TV time one evening, or whatever it is you can think of to set aside daily a few minutes of time.  I don’t usually save all my cleaning for one weekend day using the bulk of my weekend to clean.  I instead take 10 minutes a day to clean.  Certain days equal to certain task.  Mondays are bathroom cleaning days.  Tuesday is dusting.  Wednesday is vacuuming.  Thursday is cleaning all other floors. Fridays I take a few minutes to put anything back in it’s place that the kids hadn’t put away or I have drug out to use days prior.  Saturdays and Sundays then can be spent to do a small task of your choosing like washing the cars, cleaning the blinds, organizing the pantry, or whatever.  By combing this with doing a load of laundry every single day your home is always somewhat clean.  Let me be clear ‘somewhat‘ is my goal.  I live here, this is not a museum.  However, it isn’t a filth hoarding dwelling either.  I would urge you too when you have less things- you have less to clean. When your home is in order it is crazy the correlation you feel that life therefore is more so in order. june4
  3. Spending Quality Time With My People:  As we approach a new year of school, I am completely aware how for our kiddos this is going to be all new to them.  More things have changed regarding school than have stayed the same.  If us bigs are overwhelmed with that, imagine how our littles must feel with no sense of perspective. Us adults can know that things someday will turn back around.  Things might not look the same ever again (and maybe there is some good in that).  Yet, we know the world will reopen because we have past experience of living long enough to see things come back around and work out.  A child has very little knowledge of time and only perspective from their current view depending on their age.  118155863_633912444206632_6340276173007296595_nThis means with so many changes outside your home (and some in) we need to make sure home is the constant unwavering ground in this season where the floor feels like it is moving.  Quality time looks like dinners together.  I know mommas this is hard to find the joy between telling children to close their mouth when they chew, get there elbows off the table, or to actually put the spaghetti in their mouth vs missing it nearly getting every piece on the floor.   I know it’s hard but they need you here to show up.  They need evening throwing the ball outside laughing together forgetting about the heaviness of this ‘new’ way of being.  They need family game nights even if they argue or try to bend the rules. Please don’t forget that your work is valid and it is needed here.118158965_631259271149426_7602432622162821929_n
  4. Moving My Body:  Our body keeps the score.  If we are stressed and we don’t allow those emotions out one way or another we will pay for it later.  Letting it out looks like a good cry, journaling, kickboxing, a long walk, mediation, or following a 20 minute yoga dvd.  Exercise combats stress.  We this summer have really tried to engage our kiddos in our exercise routine too providing it to be an outlet for the whole family.  Where ever you find yourself today, with whatever capability, I would just ask you try to take the time to put your wellness first. When I am physically active I am a better momma, wife, friend, human, and kinder to myself.  This isn’t about weighing a certain amount of having a six pack, this is having the energy and clearness to approach whatever life throw our way during this new season.117855078_314026979847612_7808435281570467006_n
  5.  Eating Foods That Bless My Body: I mean we all know the better we eat the better we feel.  It is the doing it that is the hard part.  It is the doing it during seasons of immense stress that feels all too overwhelming so why bother.  Well I can tell you why to bother, because every time you eat something you are casting a vote.  You are either ingesting or consuming something that will either leave you feeling better or feeling worse.  It is that simple.  We all have moments where we just want to feel good in the moment and don’t necessarily care or think to care about how they will leave us feeling later.  I have been there.  I will continue at times to be there.  However, what if we start today asking ourselves the honest question before we eat or drink something, ‘will this LEAVE me feeling better or worse?’.  Not will this make me feel better for the moment?  Will this food or drink leave me better or worse off?  Just keep asking yourself that and hopefully doing it enough gradually will have you reaching for ‘the better’ options. plant1

These are five areas I am focusing on right now to enter this new season with some sort of solid ground.  What are things that are helping you?  Leave them in the comments.  Remember to be kind to yourself and extend the upmost amount of grace to yourself and others as we all navigate this season that is new to every possible person involved.  I think you are doing awesome handling heavy shit! We got this.

Until next time..



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