September : The Second New Year

Hello Beautiful People- and hello beautiful September.


It has chilled down this way and I am here for it.


I am so grateful to live in a place where the leaves change, the temperature cools down, and the bounty of harvest is evident around nearly every corner.

Some people refer to September as the second new year.  The kids are back to school- a moment of silence for this and a moment to praise the good lord.  The seasons are changing and for some of us this is a cue to really reflect on how the first half of the year has gone?  Are there any changes we are wanting to make heading into the later?

Some people start to tidy up their finances around this point of the year.  Some bring in healthier groceries trying to clean up their nutrition.  Some go through the house after watching one to many episodes of Hoarders and declutter, declutter, and declutter some more.

The husband and I every month try to incorporate one new healthy habit.  This past month he took cold showers every morning to start his day and I oil pulled every evening to promote healthy gums and whiten teeth.  This month we have decided together to start a meditation practice.  Our second new year will be spent focusing on being more mindful and present and this lady could use a whole hell of a lot of practice with that.

I want to stop more and witness the beauty all around me.


I want to be present in the present moment witnessing these little humans explore and change


I want to be where I am in this very moment vs trying to organize and plan out the next one ahead.


PS. This is our new kitty Pumpkin.  Our Creepy McCreeperson gained his angel wings and this little sweet Pumpkin patch has aided mending the whole in our hearts.118764736_3855364571145713_72330989876524419_n

but anyway back to being present- I want to be more focused on being here now witnessing all these present moments have to offer.

So here I am starting a habit that hopefully will help me (and hubby) do just that.

I spent this morning working and stopped to witness and notice the sound of rain coming down hearing the rhythm of the droplets coming down. It wasn’t a magical triumph or feet by any means but it felt like a real start.


That my friends is how we do anything.  We simply surrender and just begin.  What is it in these next four months that you would like to accomplish?  Do you need to make a plan to get out of debt?  Do you want to feel healthy and comfortable in your own skin and body?  Do you need to get rid of some stuff because your house is not a museum or dumping ground? Do you need to quit your numbing devices and to process whatever you have been avoiding?  Do you need to find a way to be more calm with your children as we approach this new school year and all the changes and trials it bring?  Do you need to quit saying yes when you want to say no?  Do you need to get some freaking sleep and not staying up scrolling on your phone bearing witness to other folks highlight reels?

If you really took some time to reflect on one change that you could make that would benefit you the most over the next upcoming months- I think you could come up with something.  It is probably something you have put off because it feels hard maybe even unsurmountable even.  I get that and I hear you.  However, you owe it to your future self, your post-covid self to take the first step in the direction leading to leveled up life.  Post in the comments what your thing is and how you plan to improve, eliminate, or transform all together.

You got this.  We got this.

That’s all until next time,




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