Monday Motivation- LET’SS GOOOO

Good Afternoon Beautiful People,

I was searching for some Monday Motivation and stumbled on a Tony Robbins video and in it contained such a calling assignment.

It’s an assignment I of course started immediately writing as many powerful sentences as fast as my hands could scribble some-what-legibly.  I thought it was so powerful that I wanted to share it with you today.

Because like me wanting to scale my blog, turn a dream into a reality of working for myself being financially independent all while being the best momma, wifey,kids3

and striving to be in the best physical shape of my life at 32 so I can have the ability to strive to accomplish all of these things.. is I want you as well to really get what you want this year—

So now that I have deciphered all my chicken scratch notes:

Here was his Assignment for YOU & I.

What’s one area of your life that you really want to improve? It could be your career, health, relationship, finances, spiritual walk, or whatever..

You could have more than one area ( like yours truly) but here is what you would do next for each area.

  1. Write down what your life is currently like in that area as  specifically as possible.  For example -13.5 lbs overweight, wake up exhausted, $27,000 in student loans, I’m not in a relationship but I want to be—- write the truth so you are real clear on where you stand.
  2. What are the rituals that have put me (you there) ?  Because whatever results I’m getting (and you) – even if I don’t like the results- there is some rituals that are keeping me in that place- how I sleep or don’t sleep- what I eat or don’t eat- what I drink what I don’t drink  and it’s usually not just one thing but a bunch of thingscoffee
  3. What do you (I) want?  What’s your vision?  Be specific-  – I want to be at 15% body fat, I want to be an exceptional mom, I want to be present with my kids, I want to go back to school,
  4. What are the rituals that will get you there?  What do you need to do differently?  – How often would you work out- what time.  What would you eat?lettuce

His overall message : will power doesn’t last — but rituals can last a lifetime.

He goes on to say ‘I bet you have some rituals you have been doing for years- even if they don’t serve you’

‘Here’s the good news: Wake yourself up– if you want a new year and a new life- you don’t need to start on January 1st- Start TODAY’

It is not about competing with others- It is about competing with what you are capable of.

I hope you found this assignment as powerful as I did- and that you do the work to complete it.  Which is what I’m off to go do and follow through on my new rituals to get me where I want to go…

‘It is not what we get that makes us happy- it is who we become- and what we are able to give because we have become more’-  Tony Robbins

Mic drop.

Vintage Hippie Out.



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