The Day You Plant The Seed- Is NOT The Day You Eat The Fruit

Good Afternoon People,

I hope this dryer weather finds you able to enjoy the outdoors and the sunshine.

My garden sure has appreciated all this sun as you may recall it was under water due to our extremely floody spring and early summer.


With some early morning care and a little sweat it is starting to not look too shabby.


Which kind of got me thinking this morning as I was picking cucumber upon cucumber and beet upon beet relishing in how full my bucket was..


there is so much work that comes before the harvest. There is so many things that have to be done- you have to plant, then weed, sometimes water, sometimes keep the critters out, and sometimes constantly checking to see if the watermelons are ripe as you turn them daily to equally develop the fruit.. but oh how it’s worth it when you are holding all your bounty.


The fun part is the picking- that’s why most people have a garden- or raise fruit trees- but they don’t get to get all the goodies the first day they plant.

Which got me thinking about how the garden and the produce is a good analogy for our bodies, our minds, and our life.

You buy the boxing gloves. You sweat your ass off in the garage…


and the next day you are rewarded with sore arms that you can barely lift- not chiseled athletic model biceps.

It is only later sometimes after weeks or months worth of showing up day after day that you find yourself not even questioning putting on a two piece because you are that comfortable and confident with your body.  A body you have taken the time daily to nurture and raise your standards for yourself to strengthen and grow.  A body you continue to reward with exercise not for what you want it to look like but because how you want to feel in it.

plany 6

I can’t expect after a couple days putting in the work to build my dream career that it’s going to come fast that the results will show immediantly- but oh isn’t that we all hope for.  Which is why their there are get-rich-schemes, diet pills claiming to loose 10 lbs in a week, car financing approval on the spot, and so many more ‘fast’ answers or fixes that usually do not result in any lasting effect because there was so little long term change needed on our part.

I wish deciding to fight for a life that is well lived after a week of going to bed early, tea, having dreams, making goals, writing a chapter or two, and read inspiring books.. that it led me to awake to find myself so fulfilled because I had suddenly found myself in a meaningful job due to my week worth of efforts.

plant 7

But here’s the truth:

I am going to ‘make it happen’ like my cup says– and I’m going to make it happen by showing up- day after a day- even on the days I feel like I’ve lost ground vs gained any. However, just like the fitness journey has now become a lifestyle and the rewards of that are just now showing up and bleeding so positively into other areas– reaching for more- demanding more- and hustling and making the effort when it comes to becoming a women making a living through something she’s passionate about– that daily effort must become a lifestyle too and it my friends: is a choice you make.


So friends- don’t give up– if you are trying to make a change in a positive direction- Keep going- keep pushing –  and try to every once in a while stop and check in with how far you have come vs how far you have left to go.

You aren’t going to get out of debt after skipping Starbucks this week, you aren’t going to get your marriage back on track after one hard conversation, one kale salad doesn’t give you a 6 pack, and because of this – when it actually does happen – after weeks, months, and maybe years later- you will know you truly earned it – and it will become your lifestyle.

That’s all until next time- lets earn a bigger life together- one day at a time!


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  1. LivingOutLoud says:

    I love this! Thank you for inspiring me!

    ❤ Alana


    1. Thank you MAAM!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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