A Reminder From Me, For What It’s Worth

To put this out there and hit publish is a different story because I know that what I might share below might cause some people to no longer read this blog, follow me in real life, or think I’m some sort of Pollyanna-racist- bigot- and honestly that’s going to have to be okay. Because what I want to share is a reminder…

Simple Fall Reminders

Fall reminds me that we too can change. We too can shed some of our layers and become renewed

What I Have Learned After 3 Months Sober

For several years I tried to find some sort of balance. ‘I will only buy one booze purchase a month and when it’s gone it’s gone’. ‘I won’t have any booze in the house and will only have some if we go out to eat, a wedding, or ____ insert whatever that was apparently not my house’. The rules I tried to put in place to feel better about my choices didn’t really help.

September : The Second New Year

Hello Beautiful People- and hello beautiful September. It has chilled down this way and I am here for it. I am so grateful to live in a place where the leaves change, the temperature cools down, and the bounty of harvest is evident around nearly every corner. Some people refer to September as the second…

I Wrote A Book. What’s It About? Let Me Tell You.

Well hello there beautiful people.  It has been far too long.  I hope this post finds you well.  What a crazy year huh? One for the books indeed. Speaking of books.. I am in the second round draft edits of my book that I finished this year.  That’s right… I said finished.  I would hate…

20 for 2020

20 things you would like to accomplish for 2020

Being an Empath/Healer- In A Heavy World

Good Afternoon Yall, I hope you are enjoy this Fall day wherever you are- here in Kansas it is still quite warm but that doesn’t stop this gal from putting up that fall décor and lighten them pumpkin candles…. you know what I’m saying- I love fall a latte – pumpkin spice latte that is….

The Day You Plant The Seed- Is NOT The Day You Eat The Fruit

Good Afternoon People, I hope this dryer weather finds you able to enjoy the outdoors and the sunshine. My garden sure has appreciated all this sun as you may recall it was under water due to our extremely floody spring and early summer. With some early morning care and a little sweat it is starting to not look…

Today I Wrote My Eulogy

Good Morning Beautiful People, As the saying goes ‘the early bird gets the worm’.. and since giving up booze, processed food, and now non essential shopping (which you can read about in my previous blog ‘A Year of Less-Day One’) my replacement in their place has been exercise: more specifically long runs fueled by early bed…