12 Things I Have Learned Inside 12 Months of Covid/Quarantine/Remote Work

I hope this finds you happy and healthy. I was looking at the calendar today and noticed it has been almost a year that I have been working full time from home. It seems like just yesterday we were sent home and yet that also feels like a lifetime ago.

I thought I’d share 12 things I have learned inside Covid/Quarantine in the last 12 months.

Number 12 is my favorite.

A Reminder From Me, For What It’s Worth

To put this out there and hit publish is a different story because I know that what I might share below might cause some people to no longer read this blog, follow me in real life, or think I’m some sort of Pollyanna-racist- bigot- and honestly that’s going to have to be okay. Because what I want to share is a reminder…

What I Have Learned After 3 Months Sober

For several years I tried to find some sort of balance. ‘I will only buy one booze purchase a month and when it’s gone it’s gone’. ‘I won’t have any booze in the house and will only have some if we go out to eat, a wedding, or ____ insert whatever that was apparently not my house’. The rules I tried to put in place to feel better about my choices didn’t really help.

Today I Wrote My Eulogy

Good Morning Beautiful People, As the saying goes ‘the early bird gets the worm’.. and since giving up booze,┬áprocessed food, and now non essential shopping (which you can read about in my previous blog ‘A Year of Less-Day One’) my replacement in their place has been exercise: more specifically long runs fueled by early bed…

A Year Of Less : Day One

Good Morning Lovely Readers: Our summer nights have been filled with baseball and chill evenings. After our littles go to bed I can be found coloring with a mocktail or reading one of the latest self help/ improvement books I’ve requested from the library. A particular book that I finished this week was entitled ‘A…