A Reminder From Me, For What It’s Worth

I took a little time off the ol interwebs last week because honestly- my heart couldn’t take all the divisiveness, political rants, Covid rising stat sharing, and everything in between. It caused a stirring in my heart and the only thing I know that works to help make sense of this rumbling is to write.  However, to put this out there and hit publish is a different story because I know that what I might share below might cause some people to no longer read this blog, follow me in real life, or think I’m some sort of Pollyanna-racist- bigot- and honestly that’s going to have to be okay.  Because what I want to share is a reminder…

You have more control over YOUR life than any president.

You have more control over how YOUR body will fight off Covid if exposed than simply wearing a mask, standing 6 feet apart, and using hand sanitizer like it’s going out of style.

You have a choice here (many choices).

Let me state right here that I stand on a mountain of privilege saying this. I am white, straight, and grew up in a middle class family. I am not differently abled. I am currently employed and have good benefits that provide me with affordable and access to good healthcare. I have food in my fridge and money in my bank account. I am currently healthy. I am grateful, but I make no mistake that I am a thousand percent privlileged- I am calling it out right here, right now.

All I want to ask of you is…

However much time and intention you spent last week checking the polls, current numbers, news stations, and everything else pertaining to the presidential election… to put that exact amount of time and effort in your own house this week. Put that level of tenacity and care into your everyday making your life ending with a result you are proud of. Put that determination and anx for the answer into your own journey what you do with YOUR life going forward.

However much time you are spending checking the current number of people infected with Covid, dress rehearsing tragedy if you would get it and how that would effect you and your family, or time filled with overwhelm ruminating over every single possible thing going wrong right now.. I would just ask you this week to take that same amount of time and use it differently.

Use it to call an old friend filling up your ‘connection’ tank. A sense of community has a drastic effect on your immune system and has been linked to being a direct factor for so many centennials living in now designated areas called ‘Blue Zones’. Use that morning time spent scrolling your phone for articles and latest statistics to move your body for 30 minutes promoting serotonin and an improved overall health. Rather filling your overwhelm with booze or stuffing the void with crap food promising yourself you will eat better once quarantine is over and you are back in the real world- fill your body with proper hydration(water) and whole foods making improving your mood, self esteem, digestion, and sleep ALL improving your likelihood of contacting Covid and walking away with little issues. Rather than using the time staying up late binging on Netflix as a distraction put yourself to bed early, start a hobby or business, pray, meditate, read, meal prep, or prep for the day ahead leaving your future self in better shape to tackle whatever comes your way. The time and money you are spending scrolling on Amazon to fill your drawers, closets, or garages- take that time and purge things you no longer use, want, or need making your home a place of calm and tranquility to reset you after a hard stressful day. The time you are spending gossiping, repeating negative self talk, or scrolling through Facebook wanting to check out of your own life but instantly hit with reminders from curated highlight reels that something is lacking- use that time to journal about the feelings that are coming up for you, make a mental gratitude list while stepping outside, or schedule an online appointment with a therapist all improving your mental health improving your overall wellness.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t care about who the president is. You should and you should vote.

I am not saying that Covid isn’t deadly, real, and something we should take lightly.

I am saying the election is over and Covid is here to stay for who knows how long (possibly for ever)… let us remember what WE can do within the four walls of our own home. Let us get back to raising kind- empathic- and confident children who don’t need to work their shit out on other people making the world a better place. Let us get back to what we can do to improve our chances of walking away scotch free when and if contacting COVID which is more than social distancing, mask, and handwashing.

YOU still have a choice here. You can choose how your spend your time, what you put in your body, the company you keep or don’t, how you spend your money, what you do or don’t do with your worry, and how you show up in general for YOUR life.

Let’s go. YOU got this.

  • The Vintage Hippie

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