Simple Fall Reminders

Good Morning Beautiful People,

Hope you are having yourself a great fall.

Fall is my favorite. Period

Give me all the apple recipes -cider



I am here for all of it.

Fall reminds me that we too can change. We too can shed some of our layers and become renewed.

We too can be reborn.

We can be deliberate about watching the wonder of the season.

We can remember it is okay to stop and play.

and we can be reminded to explore.

Like me- my people are at their best when they are out in nature.

We are all at our best when we are working together.

I hope wherever this finds you today, that you are well, happy, and whole. If you find you are not, go out there today and take in some sun. Marvel at the colors of the leaves in all their different forms. Be here now. This is temporary. This pain, this heartache, this season, this pandemic, these people being so little, you being here on this planet– it is all temporary. Remember you are enough just as you are. Happy Fall Yall.


The Vintage Hippie


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