DIY Healthy Recipes Spark Joy

Happy Thursday. Happy Fall. Happy October. Hope this finds you well.

In part of my families wellness journey have discovered within the past couple years my love of making healthy things from scratch.

However, I do try to stay in the lane I enjoy- sides, condiments, bars, energy balls, etc. I will occasionally try the bigger items such as a new recipe for a meal itself. Yet, those just feel overwhelming and not where my joy spot is found.

Sometimes the varying ingredients can be hard to find, just ask the husband. I have sent him on many a goose chase for tapioca starch or dried egg white powder. By now my pantry is stocked with the majority of the items needed to make most diy healthy snacks.

Over the weekend June and I picked apples at her grandparents house. It was an interesting sight of me at 33 climbed nearly two thirds of the way up shaking the limbs so the remaining apples would fall. Luckily only apples fell out not humans.

I used our bounty making a crockpot worth of healthy apple pie filling. This can be used for obviously apple pie but things like topping for pancakes or overnight oats.

I then for the first time in my life attempted to make a pie crust from scratch (gluten free). It turned out okay, you definitely have to get used to the difference in texture when you switch the gluten free living but the taste was great.

I recently got a Thrive Membership to help cut down the husbands runs for random items to Natural Grocers and various places (your welcome husband). It has saved us a lot in our grocery budget when it comes to being in a store and buying extra items. It also is nice when you live out in the boondocks and no stores are really close in general.

One thing that I enjoy as well is when you order you can add it with a deal of the day and get to try a product for free that you might not have ever purchased.

For example these muffins from Simple Mills came last night. I don’t normally buy packaged baking items but these made for a nice treat on a busy night. All the ingredients are recognizable and on hand if I ever wanted to try to recreate their recipe.

However, honestly it was just nice to be able to simply add eggs, water, and oil and let sister have at it.

PS. June’s RBG shirt from Piccolina is her favorite shirt ever, she wore it twice a week before she passed away and now would like to wear it every day to school if she could. This picture was taken on Wednesday (picture day) if anyone is counting at home she wore it Monday to school and Saturday all day at home. Basically if it is clean it goes on.

The muffins turned out great. They finished at the end of our son’s first tutoring session serving as a nice completion reward for them. We served it with some homemade apple cinnamon ghee in the middle which hit the spot.

Making healthy (gluten free, non- dairy, and low alternative sugar or no sugar)is one of the things that feeds my soul. I stay in my lane though making grain-free breaded chicken nuggets sounds like a task not something that sparks joy. I save those endeavors if I am ever feeling some sort of high level of energy or if we are stuck inside over a weekend with small humans and it’s either cook or drink.

Homemade dairy free ranch, granola bars, and granola are staples made every week in the house. I enjoy on the weekends trying out new recipes. Sometimes they are gigantic successes and end up becoming staples in our house. Sometimes no one is a fan and I am left with the task of eating days worth of spinach muffins counting down until they are gone not wanting to let any food go to waste, but also wanting the dog to discover them and find out he is the one who indeed fancies them.

Whatever thing sparks joy for you as we head into the weekend here shortly, I sure I hope you make some plans to incorporate those things. Maybe you love reading thrillers, painting, taking pictures, watching old films, working out in the garage, building a pergola, or whatever it is that fills your tank up- schedule it and do it. You are the only one who can make that a priority. Okay it’s almost breakfast time and I have some muffins to warm up for some littles. See you tomorrow.

Until next time.


If you are interested in checking out Thrive Market here is a link for 25% off your first order


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