Staying the Course- Even When There are Snakes.

Good Morning Beautiful People,

It’s the last day of September. I am so grateful to live in a part of the country that truly gets to experience all the wonderfulness that is October. The change in temperatures, the color of the beautiful leaves, and all the pumpkin spice one basic bitch can handle (or cold brew for those overly-cool connoisseurs).

On my meditative walk yesterday minding my own business.. I came upon one of God’s creatures. Let me just pause here and I don’t mean to question the big man. However, I will say I don’t understand the purpose of creating the snakes just so they can eat the bugs who can eat and do the whatever?

Anyway back to not judging the lord… I was on this walk and this creature stood in my way from where I was and where I wanted to go. After I calmly sprinted by him fearing for my life as he (I am not sure why but all snakes give me masculine energy) I realized that life at times can be like this.

You can see so clearly where you want to go. You know where you are. In the middle of the mote and one way to pass is a four foot long black snake, a hurdle, a challenge, a potential risk, or anything hard. It’s sitting there and you see it and in order to pass you have to acknowledge it’s presence.

After making it past him I was able to take a deep breath and my heart rate began to slow down. I walked on proud that I had had the courage to pass when every ounce of me wanted to turn around. I could of and no one would have faulted me (obviously no one would have known). For obstacles that are more visible to others past a country road, generally people understand if you turn around. They won’t fight you on the fact that you don’t want to go outside and work out when it’s cold. They won’t blame you when you don’t want to work on that special project because it means you have to get up at 4:30 am … every day. They will get it. They will understand. Yet, you are the one who ultimately must live with the choices you make and I sure hope they are generally choices that make you proud.

I pressed on and a funny thing happened when I reached my normal spot of turning around. I was hyper focused on spotting the snake (obstacle) careful to avoid it as I traced my steps back to the house. As I headed down the hill where he had been sun bathing at the bottom of he was no where to be seen. I again ran when I approached the last place he was seen careful that he was not playing some cruel joke and would pop out at any moment.

I walked (ran) by unscathed without any rustling or any indication at all that he had even been there in the first place. It got me thinking how many of his kind had been there all along just hanging in the grass doing their thing that.. whatever the lord wanted them to do. All along they had been there which was slightly terrifying as if everyday I had willing put myself out there into the Amazon while anacondas were among the mist. Then I thought about all the times I had gone on to enjoy these walks, how many times I had come home safe- how in fact every time I had come home safe.

It reminded me that every once in a while we will face a boulder, obstacle, bump in the road, or a stupid (lord forgive me) snake. It doesn’t mean that just because it got uncomfortable that we turn around. It doesn’t mean we have to stop and never go down that path again just because one walk through proved to be difficult or challenging. We don’t stop because it’s hard.

The most amazing things in my life came directly after a season of hardship and navigating obstacles.

Falling in love with this man who was and is inately good after being in a toxic relationship for more years than I care to count.

Being a momma to these babies after loss and months of carrying them straining my body but the moment they came into the world it was completely and immediately all worth it.

Even the smaller things, like sitting through 4 hours worth of intentional and deliberate pain in order to have a lifelong work of art forever on my body.

Everything. Every single thing in my life that I am most grateful for came after loss, hardship, obstacles, challenging times, and I survived them all by just keeping on the path even when it got hard.. and even when there were snakes.

I hope this is your reminder today to stick the course even when it’s hard. Your beautiful view is coming just keep stepping (careful steps though do watch where you are going). I see you and I believe in you.

That’s all until next time.


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