Walking Meditations

Good Morning Beautiful People.

I know many of us have heard the benefits of meditation. For many years I put it off. I didn’t think that could be something I ever enjoyed- all that quiet and sitting still. Fast forward to today- it’s still not my favorite thing. However, a therapist once told me about her mindfulness practice which was just a mindful walk every morning with her coffee. She took the time to notice the feel of the wind on her face, the deep orange and reds in the sun rising up, and the smell of crisp morning air. It sounded a little woooh woooh for me at first.

I can tell you now trying her practice- I get more out of that walk than nightly meditation that I do with my husband when we decide to do it vs just sit and have an extra ten minutes to chat.

I share this to say: there is not one right way to do something. There isn’t either a rule how you first do something is how you must always do something. Movement and mindfulness now for me go hand in hand.

Last night at the park my daughter and I went on a leaf hunt. I was all in and marveling at how many different colors could be near just a handful of trees. I marveled at their different shapes and sizes.

I noticed how my daughter continued to pick up countless leaves unable to decide which one was more beautiful or which dozen she would bring home. She was taking it all in. The truth is us adults forget sometimes to stop and take it all in. We have seen it before we think so we speed right on by to our next activity.

Maybe you have tried and actively have a mediation practice and love it. Right on sister or brother. You get after it. I have found that these walks help me maintain and search out for the level of mindfulness in my life that I was searching for. My slow deliberate walks on my country road, local park, or even just around the house have opened me up to slowing down and smelling the flowers.


So next time you are on a walk try to take it all in as if you were five years old again. Try to notice the clouds, like truly notice them. Watch as they change in shape as if you are watching it for the first time. Scan for all the deep varying colors. Feel the wind or summer heat on your face. Smell the air. Be here now. Mindfulness reminds you that all you have is this present moment. Not all life moments are great but if you are focused on the present one you are in usually you can walk away with some level of appreciation.

That’s all until next time.


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