20 for 2020

Good Morning Beautiful People,

We were iced, snowed, and fogged in here in Kansas.  Several days of this in a row has resulted in a rumbling in this hippies soul so here I sit taking the time to type to you my good people.   How’s this year going so far?  Is the motivation still there to reach for a leveled up health, career, relationship, JOY capability, or lifestyle in general.  Or, did you miss one workout, that turned into two, which now that I’m asking you this question you have realized it has actually spiraled into a week of not moving your body.  Wherever you fall (and perhaps somewhere in the middle) I’m here to remind you friends that day is a new day.  Unfortunately due to a recent family members grim health prognosis: I also type to you now to remind you:  It is the only one we are promised.  Here in this very moment is the time to reach for whatever you want- despite what happened yesterday, all the obstacles ahead, what others think, or what limiting beliefs stand in your way: Today you can make one step, motion, or choice propelling you one inch closer to a fuller marriage, career, well being, or life.

If you are struggling to know where to start let me offer you this exercise I have done for the last couple of years thanks to Gretchin Rubin’s Happier Podcast.  Write out 20 things you would like to accomplish for 2020.  They can be big grandiose goals such as :loose 40 lbs, get a new job, pay down $30 k in debt or they can be easy small task that you simply just need to do but have been putting off: make a will, organize under the bathroom sink, or call to cancel the subscription to the magazine you stopped reading 2 years ago.

No matter what you end up with on your list I always have found the practice an inspiring place to start.

Thanks to my 19 for 2019 list I had a sober birthday, ran a marathon solo at the track, acquired a new piercing, planned 3 adult get togethers, and.. landed a front and back flip off the diving board  (Last May -July you could have found me in line behind all the either nine years old’s waiting patiently to catapult in the deep blue).

The list is yours: you can share it with a friend for accountability or frame for yourself and place somewhere only you can see daily as a reminder.

Ladies (and gents?) by now we know what option this old gal opts for..

..so in the nature of Accountability here you have my 20 for 2020.

  1. Save $1500-2000 a Month (hello sticking to a list and goodbye candles, monthly essential oil order, and thrift shopping : we had a good run)
  2. Complete one year as a Sober Vegan
  3. Take trip with kids to Colorado Branson (after flying and a rental car ride to Florida with children we have rethought the 10 hour car ride to Colorado and have opted for a smaller distance while the kids are smaller)13-213-3
  4. Try 2 New Recipes a Month (an incentive to try more new things to spice up the palate of veganism)
  5. Write 15 Minutes a day (hey girl hey: looks like I can check this off today for my daily trackers)
  6. Become a Certified Respite Care Provider for the Foster Care System
  7. Finish Sleeve Tattoo (Appt Booked on My Birthday : guess I will have a little pain with my slice of (vegan) cake.13-7136.jpg
  8. No hair cuts or hair coloring (just trims to entice myself to let it grow, let it grow, let it grow)
  9. Go to Hot Yoga with Husband (this has been copied from my 19 for 2019- hubby has put this goal on his 20 for 2020 list — so you are saying there is a chance!)
  10. Have a 4 Pack (Alert Semi-Vain goal but guess what it’s my list and I want to reach for ultimate health and something I’ve never had)
  11. Sign up for Maximal Post of The Minimilast Podcast (its a small fee a month and as an avid podcast listener I have wanted to purchase the subscription for a long time but always chalked it up to as want vs a need) Completed 01/02/20
  12. Purchase Perfect Mocktail Glasses (Kombucha and Fruit are my favorite mock beverage) Completed 01/02/20 with Christmas Giftcard13-7
  13. Try Acupuncture
  14. Downsize (house, environmental impact, belongings, waistline, and get rid of all of what no longer serves me whether that’s people, places, or things)
  15. Take an overnight trip with two of my dear friends (pending July booking)
  16. Do a Handstand (non-vain but complete badass goal)
  17. Spa Day with husband Completed 01/04/20 and was a much needed mini-vacation from our long trip with children over Christmas Break.13-4
  18. Attend Kansas City PrideFest as a Family (June 6- an event that everyone from all backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities can come together to celebrate our diversity as a supportive and loving LGBTQIA+ community)
  19. Landscape (pending spring and tiller borrow from in-laws)
  20. ..and last but probably more important I recently tweaked this one to say more of a phrase which is ‘Follow The Light’ and although perhaps part of that could be and is spiritual for me; more importantly light in my life is nothing but energy.  Meaning pursue the things that give you energy and stop engaging in the ones that don’t.  Another word for energy can be passion- and for a long time I’ve gone about life in search of passion.   Unbeknown to me at the time, but what I am all too certain of now is that I can spread, make, engage, and create it on my own.  More choices that lead to more energy provide more passion and if I simply ‘Follow The Light’ sooner or later I will have found the feeling of home within my soul and fulfillment will have been restored deep within me.  Following the light could also serve as a metaphor as I have always had the power- to power through whatever life has thrown my way or will continue if I just place one foot in front of the other my heart will always lead me home if I simply listen to it rather than try to decipher, change, or judge it.13-5

I hope by sharing it sparks within you an urge to try this practice.  I recently have recruited this year the hubby and a couple friends to participate together in this practice.  Now would be a good time to share that I accomplished 14 of my 19 last year: meaning as a recovering perfectionist– it is okay if you don’t do all you had set out to do.  However, it is my belief by trying to be intentional you will have accomplished far more than you would of if you had never wrote down any goals at all.

Happy Listing!

That’s all until next time.







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