How I Completely Revamped a Room for $0 and How YOU Can TOO- Zen Space Reveal

Good Afternoon Good People,

Happy Labor Day-  I hope it has been a great weekend for you.

The kiddos had their 3rd annual Labor Day Produce Stand set up in which they take credit – I mean sell– their mommas product and example of all the summer long plowing, pruning, and planting…


and they work hard…


and they sell…


it in about an hour..


and use the funds to go to LEGOLAND (or whatever their experience choice it is that year to spend it on).


Have you ever stepped on one of these things??


Well in mommas new rug- this could very well easily happen.


Ah yes– I have a new rug.. in fact I have a ‘New’ room.  I recently read that you should have at least one space in your house in which you go to recharge, reconnect, realign, or re___ whatever you are needing to re back up again!  It should be filled with a couple of your favorite things sensory wise- and unfortunately I could not pinpoint this particular spot for me… so I decided to make me one.

We live in an old farmhouse and as most farmhouses do: we have a formal entry way or what’s called a ‘sitting room’.  For approximately 6 years since we have lived here it has homed toys- toy play mats- and of course every December our real Christmas tree.  The reason I feel the need to point out that it is real is there are three hard ‘Yes’s’ my husband had to agree to before I told him I would be his wife. Yes- just three.  1. We will only ever have one TV.  2.  We will always have a real Christmas Tree. 3. He must be the person who gets the spider, kills the snake, and touches the gross thing I don’t want too.  Yes, I know that it is not environmentally friendly to have a real tree- but — I love the smell , I’m sentimental, and they come out of my uncles front yard– hey we all have our vices– killing an innocent tree one time a year I guess is mine- I will sort it out in the after life I promise you.

So back to my room- I thought this now unconventional room- could be a perfect place to have a little space to home a little something special for momma.  A place to go read possibly when my husband was watching his sports that wasn’t an empty bathtub using towels for pillows– (yes – yes I’ve done that– I used to turn the vent fan on to drown out the 38 year old shouting at the tv– and the 6 year old trying to go to sleep shouting down at his dad to quiet it down) or a place to write to you lovely people that wasn’t at my kitchen island sitting on an uncomfortable chair.

So I decided to turn this pass-through–into a place I stopped and paused instead.


The first thing I did was repair a large hole in the wall that you see to the left of the window (this was caused by a little boy vs a baby gate- the hole obviously declares the loser was inevitably me)

I painted it a color I thought was gray but turned out to be a smidge more blue.

Now I wanted to make me a little Zen space.  However, I didn’t want it to cost me any money or take away any $ from our monthly budget that was already allotted to certain areas (we use the free app Everydollar – couldn’t recommend it more) – but to want something and to not want to spend any money is a predicament right?

Yes and No–  I will tell you how you can revamp a room for $0– because I’ve done it in my dinning room, living room, and now my formal entry way– you must first: Be patient.  I can tell you just like you- I can be a little girl in the cereal isle staring at the name brand eye level holy goodness that I am two steps away from instantly grabbing- it is the same thing the thirty two year version of me looks like except instances away from clicking a purchase on amazon.  We have to go old school- this is a non-instant gratification game.  Thanks to things like Craigslist (minus the serial killers) and Facebook market place- it is a whole heck of a lot easier to sell and buy things at a fraction of the discount compared to going to a name brand furniture store the day you ‘need’ a new ottoman.

The first thing I do when I want to revamp a room – is I go to good ol faithful Pinterest- and sort of create the room I envision for myself.  Now let me say Pinterest is a good idea to go if you are trying to get some ideas or plan a layout: it is not a good place to go if you have no purpose except to kill an hour of your time just to feel worse about how your house, life, parenting, and or body measure up to filtered pictures.

So here were my two pictures from my planning/research Pinterest search:



Dreamy but simple.

My next step after having a game plan of what I hoped for as a destination for the room- was to go through the current room (and house) and sell some things I knew no longer matched my vision or lifestyle-

I had gotten into making barn signs a couple years back: but found the practice of hanging the items tedious and opted for placing the masterpiece’s on the fridge (for the day) instead.


I used to also like rod iron items but have since found the less things on the wall- the happier and calmer I am (my husband is thrilled for the less holes as well)


A desk I had purchased off FB marketplace- no longer was used by the kids as the kitchen table was the natural place they were finding themselves doing their homework and crafts.


Here is another factor that has led me to revamp rooms on a budget:  I always buy things for the rooms used and I always buy them at a deal even if it takes me a month of searching.  For example this wooden toy box I got for $20 off Craiglist a couple years ago- we no longer needed the bench part per say going forward in my new room so I sold it– and I sold it for $70.


I had to list it twice and it didn’t sell the day I listed it but maybe 4-5 days later: but I was patient and because of that I made a significant profit.

On everything I sold I made a profit.  A profit I would use to buy my new chair (off FB Marketplace of course and at a discount of course).  This gentleman was downsizing and this $800 year old gently used chair was sold to me for $100 because he needed it gone.  If I ever decide to revamp this room (right now I can’t see that- but never say never) I could sell it at a profit or at least get my money back after using it because someone else has already taken the large depreciation value hit not me.


The new cover I bought off Clearance at TJ Max- there are some things you should get new. The lighter pillow came from the living room which brings me to another point:  this revamp came also at the same time I was reading this particular book:


Now I think I’m a pretty organized person, however even I was urged to do a massive clutter rehaul after finishing.  In the process of going through things..


there were many things I came across that no longer ‘sparked’ joy as Miss M Kondo says- but some things I enjoyed but found the room they were in to be already particularly busy so by removing a pillow from my living room couch that already homed a couple- I was able to spruce up my new chair.


My lampshade that had been in my closet found a new home in the Zen room as well.  I took a side table from my daughters room and  moved a small table and chair set into my daughters room in it’s place.

Metal bins used to crowd the floor in the kitchen homing the kids school clothes for the next day and their library books now found a new home leaving the floor clear.


The same was with this himilayin salt lamp that was on the overcrowded buffet.  It found a new home as well as this pricey lotion.  It was my hope by moving it here I would use it more frequently as the prompt of seeing it sitting souly by itself.


I purchased the bench they are placed on at Goodwill for $19.


That same day I bought my chair footrest there for $69.  It holds more storage then the toy bin I sold and the kiddos were thrilled to have a new home for their toys and I was thrilled to put them in a place and can close if I want and not have to see them.


My succulent picture I got at Home Goods for $39 it was originally $59.  The rug was a gift from my step mom to go towards my new space.


I was patient and moved things around and sold things for a large profit that we no longer used.  I was wise with my purchases and found a color palate to stick to so everything paired nicely (you’d never know that they all came from different place and most were used – that is unless I told you– like I just did– oops)

You can do this too: just start slow. start small. and before you know it you will have a transformation of your own hopefully with very little spent out of pocket.


Since we have downsized most of our clothes: I plan to revamp our bedroom this winter going down to one dresser- one large mirror– and drum roll…  a full size bed (so that a new mattress (replace after 8 😉 ) is cheaper and of course so my hubby has very little room and is forced to snuggle more) I of course will try to do this for the smallest amount of $ upgrade as possible- and of course write to you all about it!

That’s all until next time– except to share one thing–


I thought this was supposed to be my room?




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  1. LivingOutLoud says:

    I love what you did with your “you space” ❤


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