Summer Time.. And The Living Is.. Hard On A Momma

Good Morning Lovely People-

It’s still raining here in Kansas- but thankfully no Tornados today so far…

We had one hit a little too close to home this week — like- literally in this picture from my back deck you can see a tornado touched down in a town 15 miles away (look just left of the barn).  That’s about as close as I ever want to see one in person luckily it was rated a F0.


Something that happens this time of year ( besides tornados) is that school draws to a close.


This is about a typical picture for the family these days (I am mid laugh just an FYI- due to my step-dad walking right in front of the camera milliseconds before this was taken more concerned with where they just put the cookies vs this picture being taken at hand).

After our oldest graduated Kindergarten we surprised him with a little ice cream party.



After I drew this chalkboard… I sort of had to laugh at myself..

Because while summer is on the horizon and the living is easy for these littles…


it requires a whole hell of a lot more work from this momma..


I’m grateful for a job that currently allows me to work from home and start dark thirty and get off early afternoon to which thereafter I’m responsible for entertaining, feeding, and monitoring these 2… which as you can see… sometimes gets a little messy.


While I could easily phone in these late afternoons, hand them their tablets, catch up on laundry, or do whatever else it is pressing on the ol ‘To Do’ list it takes to be a functional human.. I try to remember how precious these times are..


Yes I want them to do a small amount of reading or ‘school’ work during this mini 12 week retreat from school..


but most importantly I want them to have some fun..


and to realize fun doesn’t have to come from a toy, a tablet, or an expensive outing on momma and daddy’s dime…

I thought I would provide a couple tips that help me in the afternoons and our weekends together be the most successful in summers past..

  1. I create a Go to List:   for those days my creativity is lacking and the kiddos are starting to do one of the following fight, whine, cry, or blessing us with all 3 simultaneously.  With the paper handy I am easier to problem solve and offer choices to them.  It helps as well if you have the kids be apart of the list making so they feel like they have an input (and kindly leave off  ‘LEGOLAND and Great Wolf Lodge Everyday… or whatever your child says that’s stretches your patience, budget, and or.. ya kid I don’t want to watch you to have a ‘Glitter Gathering’ with your uncoordinated four year old friends.. thank you next)



2. I also make sure.. My cup is full.. so I can pour into them:  Yup you guessed it.. selfish party of one.  However, hear me out.. before you write me off to be narcissistic.  If I’m rested, hydrated, eating to fuel my body, and have got in some sort of physical activity- I more calmly handle the arguing, the spills, the third change in clothes, and the neediness of these humans that comes with more time with them…because I have already taken the time to fill me up so I’m not left driving the bus on E.

3. and lastly.. once again I allow myself GRACE…if it’s pissing raining and I don’t feel like making a fort out of Lincoln logs, slime from scratch, or whatever else because truthfully I’m just not feeling it and momma needs a timeout and to focus on ‘making better choices’… it’s okay if they watch tv, it’s okay if they play on their tablet, the world wont end, and there is always tomorrow… so stick them in a tub and have a drive in movie matinee showing.   (and let them pick the movie— even if they want to watch The Grinch in May just roll with it momma)


No one said it had to be perfect — and if you are going to score and rate yourself– always give yourself some slack and round up 😉

That’s all until next time-








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