And Some Days.. You Must Bring Your Own Sunshine

It has been rain.. rain… raining here in Kansas: and this kind of weather forces you more than ever to bring your own sunshine.

That made me reflect on how life can sort of be like the weather:  you wake up- motivated– ready to crush it ..only to take a couple steps outside your door and hear your child making the dreaded pre-sound of what you know will soon be projectile vomiting.  Or you’ve gotten up early, you’ve set your clothes out, and you even got the work out in.. only to enter your car and the check engine light is on and your kiddo who ‘borrowed’ your car kindly left you 19 miles to empty with the nearest gas station being 10 miles away.

Sometimes – you can have the best intentions:  You can work hard and plant the seeds of progress hoping they take deep roots:


only to find that moments later it rains it’s fucking ass off all flooding over all your momentum (like my garden completely submerged under water).


Because here is the truth maam and sirs-  it’s going to rain- if you are doing anything worthwhile you are going to fall and fail- it’s going to flood- some days you will a feel bone dry and the hollowing feeling of having an utter drought of the soul- but the sun will come- it will rise again- as long as you don’t quit- as long as you show up- especially when it is pissing rain.


I thought I would share a couple of tips of what I choose to focus on when much like the weather.. I too can’t control outside forces impacting my life.

1. I allow myself.. a shit ton of Grace  (yes a shit ton is an actual measurement in my book):

I look past the fact that the kids are watching more TV than reading books, more quick meals are being made than home cooked organic-grass-fed-vegan-paleo-alacart moo shu chicken  (okay I made that last part up)… but you get it.. look past the areas in your life that your internal score board screams ALERT ALERT -FALLING SHORT -FALLING SHORT..

Instead of focusing on all you are doing sub par like microwaved cancerous popcorn and devilish blue light penetrating your wee ones eyes:


Instead view these babies soaking up a movie night in your bed because some day this wont be a show stopper and such a cool treat to them.  They will yawn at wanting to stay in- stay in with you and your spouse– so just for the love of goodness enjoy it and grab a bag of popcorn for yourself and look past the warning labels on the side of the bag just for tonight.

Forget about the laundry pilling up and take a lesson from these peeps who find marvel and joy in the small things… and try to follow suit.


2. I do the things that take a little extra time: but fill up my cup

This might be waiting in line at Starbucks vs having your coffee at home after a morning of fueling your car and running it to O Reillys to get your check engine light turned off- you are already running behind: you might as well do something you enjoy worthy of your entered time-off-leave when you stroll into work late.   This might be not skipping your nightly skincare regiment because you are exhausted from cleaning sheets, crevices, and taking care of your baby with the tummy bug- you are already tired you might as well take the extra couple minutes to help avoid those fatigue bags under your eyes showing up in the AM.

For me it is taking just a couple minutes just. for. me.  (gasp) not my children, house, husband, or whatever that could easily be valued higher up in my demands at any given moment for the sake of keeping this ship afloat during choppy waters.  Things like lighting the candles, getting the pretty vases from the cabinet (that requires a stool) for the lilacs I took the time to bring in vs admire from the yard.


This is sitting in front of my light lamp that omits rays (that scientifically improves my mood).. while coloring instead of working on meal planning, reading personal development books, or anything else that on paper could be viewed as ‘productive‘.  Taking the time to nourish your body and soul is productive sister it is not a waste of time: Please allow yourself the love and treatment you so freely give to everyone else.


3. Lastly… I get my social on... and I’m talking about the old school kind of social – you know where you actually pick up the phone and call your friend, you take the time to see them in person, or you send them a text to know you are thinking about them vs liking their new profile picture..


In this age of social media we are all surely in communication whether that’s a comment, a like, a love, or goodness forbid an angry face— but we have lost the true meaning of connection  – and communication and connection are vastly different.  Your soul needs to hear and make a friend laugh vs a laughing emoji during the hard times.

Taking the extra time to take a couple steps back and analyze how you could incorporate more time for the ones you loved during the rainy season makes all the difference.  If you don’t have the time to physically see someone you care about – instead of typing ‘you are in my thoughts and prayers’ on their Facebook… show you are thinking about them by sending a letter or an article, or even I guess a Pinterest Image that keeps them motivated to not throw in the towel (because that would be one more item to wash and fold).


I get beautiful cards on clearance and have my friends birthdays marked down in my calendar… and what’s interesting is that I have been told by them how it makes their day- but truthfully it makes me smile when I put it in the mail knowing it will soon find them.. and cause them to smile.  (selfish alert.. party one one)


So if it pissing raining in your life right now and your heart feels heavy and flooded please remember to give yourself some grace.  Give yourself some time in the day.. and try to make an effort to go out their and  take the extra time to chat with someone vs sending a snap today.

That’s all until next time.


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