7 Years of Marriage- and I Now Only Flip Him Off Once a Week

Good Morning Beautiful People-  I hope this post finds you dry and warm.

Today I have been married for 7 years.

It takes a certain kind of human to put up with my antics… and I’m grateful that I choose wisely when I decided to marry this man.


A man who hates attention and most certainly isn’t to thrilled his picture ^^^^ is up here… but loves me and supports me anyway.

Some things have changed since the day we got married.

We have welcomed two beautiful babies into the world.


They both are just the right amount of both of us- to keep us on our toes, our hearts filled, and just the slightest bit of panic to view little walking mirrors of ourselves out there in the world.

We have battled a disease together the majority of our marriage as most of you readers know… Lyme has stole a good portion of our time together- However– we both find ourselves grateful for it -for it has resulted in us being on fire to regain power of our bodies at all cost.  This has resulted in us being the healthiest versions of ourselves… even healthier than 7 years ago when we were in wedding ‘diet’ mode.


Instead of indulging in treats to celebrate us– this morning we started our day with a workout together instead — the one that takes place at the gym gutter minds;)  We later ate breakfast at our favorite little small town diner- and brought our own coffee add ins because we are cool like that (and because thanks to Lyme we no longer have dairy or sugar) .


7 years of marriage hasn’t changed his adoration for selfies though …


We have seen some dark times together-but what I am more proud of than anything- is that we saw it through- and we locked arms in a storm – that could have easily drove us apart.


This man loves me unconditionally – a feeling that I have not always had in my life – he ask of nothing of me- except to be myself   – the messy, wild, untamed, broken, but beautiful me.


The truest honor or being married to this man : is that my kiddos are getting an example of two people who choose each other every day- in spite of their faults- in spite ofwanting some days to hit each other with a frying pan – and despite a disease that could have ripped and often does a marriage apart due to stress, treatment cost, and temporary lack of quality of life.

Everyday in my journal of ‘Dreams I Have Made Happen’ is.. I am an exceptional wife.   Not only do I want an exceptional life I want to have an exceptional marriage… and that takes some work and I’m grateful to have a man who wants the same -even when he is listening to podcast when he’d rather be watching sports, even when he would rather not have the hard but needed conversations, and even when raising these babies could easily take the fore front of our focus-


-We still choose each other, we still choose to grow together vs apart, we still choose to work at it- because anything worth having is an uphill.

Happy Anniversary Lukey Poo Poo-  as I said in my wedding vows 7 years ago today ‘an entire lifetime with you will never be nearly enough’

I love you more than all the words in all the books- and I love you enough to flip your under the counter instead of in front of your face— you are welcome-

cute people]

That’s all until next time…


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