A Thriftier Way to Swifter

Cleaning… Everyone’s favorite task… NOT.

However at the same time- walking around your sparkling clean house feels like nirvana.

Rather than use a weekend morning totting around all your cleaning supplies disgruntled from room to room – a trick I learned from the book ‘Simply Clean’ is to break your cleaning task in to daily 10 minute chores you repeat on a weekly basis keeping your house mostly clean at all times.

For Example

  • Monday – Bathrooms (minus the floor)
  • Tuesday- Dust
  • Wednesday – Vacuum
  • Thursday- Kitchen counters (although it would be beneficial to be wiping these down eryy-day -especially during cold/flu season due to those germs those little gremlins lovingly bring home)
  • Friday-Floors
  • Weekends- Catch Up Days- Wash sheets — or sometimes in our house — catch and watch nothing but maybe a whole season of Ozark (hey -it can happen- no judging- I cant wait for season 3).

So today folks is floors.

When I started on this journey of making my own cleaning supplies to help eliminate toxins I bring into the home and save some dough at the same time- I put off the whole DIY floor cleaner.

You ever think something is going to be overwhelming so you kind of put it off?

All the honest folks in the crowd you can put your hands down- I hear you – me too!

A couple months into using my own spray cleaners one weekend after using my last swifter wipe, rather than write to replace it on the grocery list I did a quick Pinterest search.

Let me say something about Pinterest while we are here– I have a love/hate relationship with it.  First I love it because it can be so resourceful, creativity provoking, and a good way if you are one of those ‘artist’ who can’t really free hand beautiful masterpieces – but you sure can sure mimic-ish an image.  No Global Fine Arts Award will arrive in the mail- but everyone at a 3 year olds birthday party will be impressed.

Now on to the negative– Pinterest – sometimes can make you feel like you are a giant slacker/failure.  You see all these healthy perfectly packed and gorgeous lunches for children- and your son just walked out the door with a Smucker’s Uncrustable and Capri Sun that probably has particles floating in it.  Let me stop you right there- this doesn’t make you a failure- you know what it makes you- a mom!  We can’t compare our friend gathering with red solo cups, paper plates, and a frozen pizza- to a freshly cut cedar board with a smorgasbord filled with a nice side of filet mignon.  You know why we can’t compare the two-first- comparison is the thief of joy– and because a gathering like that – isn’t about how clean your house is- how much money you have spent on food- it’s about the people around you, the ones who are laughing as they drink out of a red cup and eat cheap pizza none the wiser.

Confession I am having some ladies over this weekend- and I did clean my floors today- but remember it’s Friday- you didn’t hear me say I cleaned the blinds, the fridge, vents, or ceiling fans so they think I’m tidy and I have it all together.  A. I don’t have it all together and B. Your friends- they don’t care about what your house looks like- they care if you have wine– and they care about hanging out with YOU– not your freshly washed walls.

So on one of those days that Pinterest and I were friends- I happened to stumble upon a way you could use a fuzzy sock to mop/swifter your floors.  A fuzzy sock — say what??

If you already have a swifter, were buying swifter refillable wipes, and running water– you already have half the supplies you will need- winning.


You then need to find a fuzzy sock-maybe you already have some laying around that have lost their sole mate– get it — sole– as in the sole of your foot– okay just making sure you are picking up what I’m throwing down, after all we are just getting to know each other.

Next you will need to purchase if you don’t already have it castile or plant-based dish soap.  You can find this at most grocery stores or on amazon.

Saving Money Tip:  Many grocery stores will clearance castile soap that isn’t one of their traditional smells. Like this for example:


This scent is Hemp Almond- which sounds totalllly weird this hippy was honestly leery but still bought the 4 bottles they had- because – well they were $2.99 when they normally range $10-15 a bottle (but you use very little that one bottle will last you forevesss).  The smell actually turned out to be surprisingly fantastic – smelling of warm cookies baking – weird I Know!

The last thing you will need is optional : essential oils :  it doesn’t need to be a great quality brand oil like DoTERRA or Young Living.  Wally World sells cheaper ones that will do the job for $4 a bottle since you aren’t putting these oils on your skin.

So once you have all your supplies lets get this par-tay started and clean on!

Run some hot water.


You will need the container your swifter refillable pads came in and fill the water about half way then add your castile soap and if you have them a few drops of essential oils that you’ve decided on (orange and lemon are my favorite).

Only fill the container about half way full of water to prevent splashing around later and overflow when you go to put your swifter wand in it.


Then grab your sock – longer ones work the best – and spread it out to wrap around the bottom of your swifter.  The first time you use the sock you might have to tug and pull like we gals have to sometimes squeezing in -I mean putting on our skinny jeans to get it to wrap just right.


And you are off to the races.

Some tips: 

  • I do a quick sweep- then break out the vacuum cleaner wand to get in the corners and under the table- this will also save you a little strain on your back- you’ll need those muscles later.
  • This recipe is an all purpose cleaner but with darker hard woods I recommend after swiftering to take an old towel or rag and doing a quick wipe if you find you can see water spots when the floor dries.
  • If you don’t have a swifter or swifter container you can do a modified recipe below with a mop and bucket.
  • After you are done just dump and wash out your container to air dry and then wring out your sock and throw in the washer to clean before you use it next Friday-ish.
  • Refill your container when the water starts to look murky so you aren’t just spreading around yucky water- mopping 101 right? (because it’s about 1/16 of the price don’t feel guilty about how many times you reload your container)


All Purpose Cleaner (hardwood floors included) for Swifter Application

  • 1 teaspoon castile or plant-based dish soap
  • warm water filled 1/2 way to the top of container
  • 2-3 drops your choice essential oil


All Purpose Cleaner (hardwood floors included) for Mop Application

  • 2-3 teaspoon castile or plant-based dish soap
  • 1 gallon of warm water
  • 4-5 drops your choice essential oil

I hope you try it and you feel satisfied knowing first- your floors are clean, you saved money, and you did it like a hippie (natural, organic, chemical free… gluten free.. you get the picture).

That’s all until next time.



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