You Don’t Have to Be Great to Start…

.. but you do have to START in order to be great.

Hello there folks, my name is Jess.  I’m a mom, wife, a thrifter, writer but terrible speller, and a hippie.


There’s a whole lot you will learn about me- and hopefully from me.   From my failures about daily trying to find a balance- a balance between living whole, healthy, content, and my favorite cheap but feeling overall that your life feels RICH beyond measure and one YOU my friend have designed.

Confession: some of you who know me– know this is my Third Blog Domain.  I’m a professional starter gung ho-er with so much passion and fire in my heart- and I in the past have fallen short when it comes to accepting failure, criticism, and sometimes even a little hard work that goes into learning and growing something new.

Recently I finished the book by Rachel Hollis ‘Girl Wash Your Face’.  Her second chapter “I’ll start.. tomorrow.’  Although I consider myself a determined person, I have a handful of word documents right now on my computer of novels I’ve started and since stopped, forgotten about, or even worse- been afraid to finish due to fear of rejection.  On my night stand for years lays an item a visitor might think is my kids and I just haven’t put it back in the toy bin but it is indeed mine.  It is a reminder that  I want to run a mobile boutique-  someday.


In this chapter she described how we are constantly making promises to ourselves that we don’t keep,  ‘I’m going to loose 10 lbs.’, ‘I’m going to get up early to work out.’  ‘I’m going to quit smoking.’ ‘I’m going to write everyday.’ ‘I’m going to meet my friends once a month for coffee to catch up.’  BUT, we break these promises to ourselves all the time- sometimes daily.  A pattern of breaking our promises, leads us to believe and accept it is okay if we don’t follow through- and perhaps that we aren’t actually physical able to follow through.

If we had a friend who constantly canceled on us, who said she would do things and didn’t over time we would start to not believe her, trust her promises, or count on her to follow through.  Well a lot of us with healthy boundaries would either eliminate this friend or distance ourselves dramatically.  Well ladies- this friend is you— Wait  – You are going to sit there and tell me I’m not a good friend and I break my promises to the people I love?    – God NO–we keep those promises–  But do we keep these promises to ourselves?

I for one have NOT.

Until now.

I am determined to live a life I don’t settle for.  I want to happen to my life and not wait for it to happen to me.

This leads me to publishing a promise.  I am going to be a blogger.  Right now look at me I’m blogging.


Some things that I have gotten wrong in the past when it comes to writing – is I have wrote for you, for your feedback, and for the feeling of being validated and my writing loved.

I have not wrote for me.  I have instead wrote for the critic.

Until now.

Now I write for me.  I will send this out into the world… and here’s the kicker… are you ready for it?   Your opinion of me and my writing— is NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

I love writing.  I do not enjoy at ALL the tech part of it.  When setting up this new* and last* blog site of mine I became immediately overwhelmed- however promising myself not to settle I surged on– I vow to learn more and to set it up properly, although you didn’t hear me say perfectly.. correct?

Remember above.  You do not have to be great to start- but in order to be great you do have to start.  One foot in front of the other.

So here I am one foot in front of the other making this bad boy.  In fact this is a recent Google search of mine when the prompt ask me if I wanted to set up a widget.


Sidenote: I still don’t understand what is a widget—  yet.

I do not have Instagram, SnapChat, or Twitter– am I even spelling these things right?  I would like to grow this blog though and in order to do that I will first have to get a better phone (it was a freebie from a friend) that doesn’t stick or shut off every 10 minutes- so I can create a branding for this platform of mine  ‘The Vintage Hippie’.

Let’s talk about that title.

Recently after my husband and I got married.  We discovered that we wanted to live under our means and provide our home with the peace that comes with financial freedom.  My parents fought a lot about money growing up– even though they earned each a good amount of money.  It was something I was hyper focused in avoiding.   Through this process I discovered thrift stores, garage sales, and clearance racks.  Since then I have perfected the ‘art’ that is thrift shopping and 99% of my closet is used, all our furniture is pre-owned, and we bought our home off Craigslist- for reals.

Some people get turned off by the word used, ‘Goodwill’, ‘hand-me-downs, or any other derivative that means not new.  However, no lie- every week- a couple times a week I get complimented on my outfits that I was given or bought at such places.  Which leads me to the sexy word ‘Vintage‘.  Thanks to Joanna Gaines, Upcycling, and Boutique Antiques there has been a mostly overwhelming positive vibe that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Vintage’.

Okay so what’s with the ‘Hippie’ thing?

Well first I’d like to say Hipp-ie-ness (remember not a great speller) found me I was not actively searching for it.  Through a diagnosis of Lyme Disease for my husband and I, we were left with the choice of either fueling our bodies with things that were fighting a disease or feeding it.  Since then I do coffee enemas, I drink pressed juice,  I rub black charcoal on my teeth, I make all my own cleaners (my husbands hates the smell of vinegar , oops), when my kids are sick I cut up onions and leave them in their room overnight, and anything else I research is healthy I will try– at least onceSidenote: Straight elderberry extract for a cold works well but taste terrible

So there it is folks I dress & decorate vintage and I live and consume like a happy hippie.

Recently my husband and I attended the Smart Conference in Kansas City.  There was a speaker who talked about ‘Discover What You Were Born To Do’.  Some of you might already know this- and have known all along to which I say congrats I’m jelly — and please pipe down at not let the rest of us feel like we are a thousand miles behind.

‘Why am I here?’ he asked to ask ourselves.

Because I paid $76 bucks was my first thought.

He said the sweet spot in your life is where your talents and your passion collide.

For Talent ask yourselves

  • ‘What tasks are naturally easy for me?’
  • ‘What functions do I perform well?’
  • ‘What work do others compliment me on?’

For Passion ask yourselves

  • ‘Who do I want to help?’
  • ‘What problem do I want to solve?’
  • ‘What solution do I want to provide?’

Then you develop your purpose sentence

I will use my talents __________________ to perform the role of ___________ – the work I am most passionate about.

This statement should be and can be edited often in the beginning.  Perhaps ask for feedback from your close friends or family,

So here goes mine: and it’s an early draft.

I will use my talentwriting, frugality, being unapologetically imperfect me to perform the role of a blogging life coachthe work I am most passionate about.

Here me when I say I’m not perfect.  I am NOT better than you.  However, what I do love is to share wisdom I’ve learned.  Sometimes I’ve learned these things from falling FLAT ON MY ASS but never the less this chapter is about getting back up brushing yourself off and starting again. I’ve learned things by what others have taught me and what others had taught them.  Sharing is caring folks … and if you know me— I love to share.

A healthy but great recipe, throwing a Pinteresty party via a Dollar General isle, a way to save on laundry, entertaining your kids on summer break less than a buck a day , or how to style yourself and your home on the cheap- I’m Jess- The Sharer and I support this message.

I hope you are along for the ride as we both decide to embrace growth -the unknown-and let go of comfort -the safe path- a path that prohibits you from living a Full, Cheap, But Rich life.

That’s all until next time.










3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hope you enjoy blogging Jess…that was a great post to read through. Hope there are lots more to come!


  2. Angela says:

    Best of luck on your blogging journey! I have really been reading up lately on ways I can live more frugally, so I can save more and retire sooner!


  3. Christine says:

    Nice blog, Jess. Can’t wait to start this blogging journey with you.


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